Augmented Reality System and Maintenance of Oil Pumps

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Котелева Наталья Ивановна , Буслаев Г. В., Вальнев В. В., Куншин А. А. Augmented Reality System and Maintenance of Oil Pumps International Journal of Engineering (IJE). 2020. №33. pp. 1620-1628. http://www.ije.ir/article_108469.html


Котелева Наталья Ивановна , Буслаев Г. В., Вальнев В. В., Куншин А. А.


International Journal of Engineering (IJE)



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Qualification of employees who operate technological processes directly influences the safety of production. However, the employees’’ qualification cannot completely exclude human factor. Today, there are many technologies that can minimize or eliminate human factor impact on production safety ensuring. The augmented reality technology is an example of this technology. Nowadays, the augmented reality technologies and industrial technologies integration process moves to a new level of development. These technologies have huge experience, which has been accumulated in a long period of time. -This new level turns available by this experience combination and integration; it brings additional profit to the enterprise and can be a basis for completely new technologies. This paper shows an example of combination of augmented reality technology and oil pumps maintenance. For researching of efficiency of augmented reality system for oil pump maintenance, the laboratory unit with Grundfos vertical electric centrifugal pump (CR15-4 A-FGJ-AE-HQQE) was used. The laboratory unit is a physical model of one of the continuous oil processes. The oil pump of this laboratory unit is object of this research. The algorithm of servicing of oil pump was developed. The test of system and algorithms were carried out with four groups of people: the first one had only instructions to use on hand, the second one only used the internal recommendations of the system, the third one used only the help of an expert, and the fourth used internal recommendations and, if necessary, contacted the expert. The results show the efficiency and actuality of augmented reality technology for maintenance of industrial equipment, especially for the equipment operated in remote Arctic conditions.